What is enameled copper wire?
Enameled copper wire is copper wire coated by a insulating paint usually colored red.
The paint is much thinpolyester,polyester-imide,polyester over coated wuth polyamide that other wires have,
yet provide almost the same amount of insulation. Enameled wire is primarily used in the construction of
electromagnets since it allows more loops to be packed into a smaller volume.
What is Enameled aluminum wire?
Enameled aluminum wire is aluminum wire coated by a insulating paint usually colored nuturer.
The paint is polyester,polyester-imide,polyester over coated wuth polyamide and so on.
What is wire enamel?
yes, it's copper wire or aluminum wire with a coating of enamel to insulate it.
How to Enamel an Aluminum Hobbie?
After all the effort you put into your hobby project, the painting step is often the most important.
This is the part of your project that people will see the most and a good paint job can make up for any previous mistakes.
Painting on aluminum can be a little tricky.
Good adhesion is the key and requires a mixture of both mechanical and chemical means to provide a long-lasting finish.
How to Do Enameling on Aluminum?
Enameling is the process whereby a fine layer of powdered glass is fused to a metal surface to provide a durable and often decorative
covering. While the process dates back to the ancient Greeks, it has most recently been adopted and improved by the automotive industry,
which has developed it into a commercial powder-coating application to produce a high-quality finish for car bodies and parts. Providing you
have access to a kiln, you can learn how to enamel aluminum at home. The technique takes practice and experience to perfect, and you
should initially practice on inexpensive aluminum objects.
How long has your factory set up?
We started production in 1993. 
How large the scale of your company?
Our Company covers almost 100,000 square meters, including plant area of 80,000 square meters.
What’s your company ‘s product scope?
 we have many kinds of products ,such as enameled aluminum wire, enameled cooper wire, paper covered magnet wire, fiber glass covered magnet wire and other aluminum/cooper magnet wire products.
What’s the temperature-resist grade of your enameled aluminum wire?
We produce the thermal class of enameled aluminum wire from 130 to 220 Centigrade.
What is specifications of enameled aluminum wire your company can produce?
Gauge of enameled aluminum wire:

Enameled round aluminum wire: 0.2mm-8.0mm

Enameled flat aluminum wire: a: 1-6mm, b: 3-16mm
how about your company’s annual production capacity?
Our Company’s annual production is about 8,000 tons.
What’s the price of your enameled aluminum wire?
Please sent an email to info@mgmagnetwire.com